Frederick Gault & Associates

Frederick P. Gault, Jr.

1997 to Present

Frederick Gault & Associates, Inc.

San Francisco, California



Senior Designer and Engineer - Liquid Thinking

March - April 2001. DevX ( is a site dedicated to providing information to the development community. I designed an upgraded object model in TogetherJ and SQL Server 2000, for eventual creation in Alliare Cold Fusion and Allaire's content Management Product SPECTRA. Wrote XML MSLT Transformations from the DocBook DTD for inbound syndication. Due to financial constraints this project is currently on hold.

Senior Engineer - Wells Fargo Bank

Oct - Dec 2000. RedECash is an on-line billpay consortium with Chase and Wells Fargo (much like PayPals). Using WebMethods, Java and in particular Java JNI, I hooked up the XML communication between the legacy systems of Wells Fargo and Chase. The project is complex and is still in development. Ultimately there will be ATM cards issued that are connected to a customer's checking account. The card number can be used safely on the web without revealing a bank account number or a credit card number.

Web Developer, Visualize Video Corp.

July 2000 to Sept 2000. Java Servlets, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Visualize Video makes an web Video E-mail facility. Using streaming Video and Windows Media Player the user can use web cams to send video eamil. The receivers of the video e-mail can use a web page to view their mail.

Visualize Video Website was at They are no longer in business.

Java Designer and Web Developer, OTBx (previously known as iWear and MenSelect)

January 2000 to July 2000. OTBx was a B2B apparel site that was unable to close its second round of funding under the cloud of the recent Stock Market Correction. During this contract I was asked to make the transition to JAVA. I received Java Certification by TogetherJ. I was then trained in ATG Dynamo, and BEA Weblogic Commerce Engines. This involved learning JSP, Java Bean design with JSP and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) under BEA Weblogic. In addition I was asked to evaluate various Java IDEs such as Jbuilder Pro, Visual Café, and Forte. In addition I became familiar with installation and use of Oracle 8i. Several different prototypes were created using Java (J2EE) technologies.

Cold Fusion Web Developer, USWEB/CKS

Industry To Industry,

November 1999 to January 2000. Design, Code, Debug Cold Fusion 4.0 with JavaScript project. This web site is a space for large businesses to auction, trade and advertise products. My duties include re-designing and debugging the SQL Server 7.0 back end. This included converting the SQL Server 6.5 Database to SQL Server 7.0. I have also been involved in the Windows/NT Server Administration including Microsoft IIS. There has been a special emphasis on improving performance by doing performance analysis and reworking the SQL Server Stored Procedures and the Cold Fusion 4.0 Code. In addition, the Industry to Industry site will become a "mySAP" site. This involves interacting with SAP's technical team to integrate Industry to Industry into the mySAP interface.

The Industry to Industry Website is no longer active

SQL Database Design, USWEB/CKS

Visa Money Choices

November 1999. USWEB/CKS brought me in for the design of a new SQL Server 7.0 database for their Client, Visa. I designed a relational schema for the maintenance and presentation of quizzes for "at risk" credit card holders. The system will utimately allow the presentation and scoring of these quizzes.

Lead Web Developer, USWEB/CKS

August and September 1999. Contracted to USWEB as a troubleshooter for Re-writing ASP, Javascript and SQL Server 7.0 Web site. Lots of work with the client brainstorming design changes, debugging and performance enhancements. This project was in trouble. USWEB brought me in as a troubleshooter. I re-designed and re-wrote large sections of the ASP Code and SQL Server Stored Procedures and debugged and re-vamped areas that didn’t work properly. In 6 weeks I brought this project back on track.

To see the Lawroom website click here


Plumblossom Network of Kung Fu Schools

Ongoing. Designed and built the web presence of the Plumblossom Federation – a consortium of Chinese Kung Fu Studios around the world. Still maintaining and upgrading the system keeping information current. This involves HTML, Javascript and Image Management. There are some particularly interesting HTML Mapping examples with a World Map and clickable countries and states to see schools in a geographic location (click here to see it cool maps).

To see the Plumblossom Network website click here

WEB Page Database Integration, NT Server Management

Duncan Channon / NAI

June 1999. NAI is the well-known maker of anti-Virus and Network Management Software. Duncan Channon was selected by NAI to redesign their Web presence. I completed the design of a SQL Server 6.5 Database that contains NAI Certified Partners. I then integrated the database so that visitors to NAI’s Web site can select Partners based on various criteria, such as geographic location. This work was a combination of Active Server Pages (ASP), JavaScript, VBScript, and HTML. There was also a considerable amount of Windows/NT Server Management including Security Issues and setting up Websites (Virtual Directories) and FTP sites using Microsoft IIS.

Patient Management Database and Intranet

LaserVue Eye Center

January thru March 1999. Converted an Access Database to SQL Server 7.0. Created a Web-Based Intranet Front End. First Prototype was Visual Basic with DHTML. For browser Independence the final product was built in Cold Fusion 4.0 and JavaScript.

Smart Card Web Funds Transfer

Mondex USA

During the Fall of 1998 (September through October) I was retained by Mondex USA to design and build an Internet-based Funds Transfer System. The work involved a SQL Server 6.5 Back End. I designed a solution involving SQL Server Stored Procedures, Active Server Pages (ASP) using VB Script and ADO and a FrontPage 98 designed User Interface. This system transfers value between Type MM4 Smart Cards.

Credit Card Enrollment, Foreign Language Localization

Visa International

During the summer of 1998 I was retained by VISA International to upgrade to VB 5.0 and localize the Credit Card Enrollment System. I successfully Internationalized the application for all foreign languages including Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. I designed a relational data model and used Access and SQL to provide data persistence. I also built the installation program. Over the course of testing I installed Windows/95, Windows/NT, Visual Basic 5.0 and Office/97 in multiple languages including French, Japanese, and Chinese.

Screen Saver Workbench

Frederick Gault & Associates, Inc.

In 1998 I developed The Screen Saver Workbench. It is shareware that allows the user to create his or her own Screen Saver using Digital Movies, Images and Sounds.


MSH Entertainment

In 1997 MSH Entertainment, a Hollywood based Children's Animated Television Show Production Company ("Vanpires" on FOX Affiliates ) contracted me to lead a team of programmers to create their new groupware product named Jethro. Jethro is designed to manage the finances, personnel, schedules and digital media assets during animation production. It was written in VB 5.0 with Access SQL (migrated to SQL Server).