Frederick P. Gault, Jr.

1983 - 1988


San Francisco, California



Wholesale Chargebacks


From January 1988 to April 1988 I designed and coded this system on a DEC VAX under VMS using RMS Access and SQL against an ULTRA relational database.


Construction Budget System

United Telephone of the Northwest

In 1987 I converted this System 38 system to an IBM Mainframe under CICS with a batch Cobol daily cycle. I used User Files Online (a 4GL) for the CICS portion of the system.


Bankcard Interchange Chargebacks

Wells Fargo Bank Credit Card Services

From April 1986 to November 1986 I assisted in the selection of 4th generation software to facilitate movement of small systems from an obsolete mini computer to the IBM Mainframe (CICS). Once a product was selected I worked with a team to convert a Fee Reversal and Interchange Chargeback systems.


Payables and Receivables Recon

Cal Gas

From January to March 1986 I designed and wrote this CICS system using User Files On-line.


Human Resources

Pacific Bell

From April 1984 to December 1985 I worked on a team of engineers who designed and built a Relational Database (DL/1) and CICS on-line system to manage 70,000 employees.


Truck Route Management

E & J Gallo Winery

From January to March 1984 I developed this IBM CICS System which was used to route trucks carrying raw materials and finished goods for the Winery.


Order Entry

Stauffer Chemicals

From June to December 1983 I coded the order entry system under CICS.


Union Membership

Charles Weidner & Company

From May to June 1983 I coded a CICS membership database application in 360 Assembler.


Wholesale Receipts

On-Line Business Systems

From January to April of 1983 I provided maintenance for a CICS assembler system.