Frederick Gault & Associates

Quicktime for Windows

Frederick Gault was one of the founders and President of Canyon. Apple Computer asked Canyon to build QuickTime for Windows. With a team of 8 engineers we did it in 6 months (release 1.0 for Microsoft Windows 3.0 & 3.1). Our effort was an unqualified success and QuickTime for Windows was winner of Byte Magazines Best New Product in Show at Fall Comdex 1992. Canyon went on the produce QuickTime for Windows release 1.1 and a second release which ultimately became release 2 after Apple took over product maintenance. We also created the virtual reality technology called QuickTime VR (for Windows).

More information about Quicktime is available at Apple's Quicktime website.

How To Digitize Video

Frederick Gault is co-author of How To Digitize Video. The book was published by John Wiley and Associates of New York. Inside are detailed instructions about the equipment and process of creating professional quality digital video.

Superbowl CD-ROM

Discus Sports, in affiliation with the NFL, needed to build The Official Super Bowl Commemorative Edition Interative CD-ROM. Frederick Gault and his team built the Golden Master Hybrid (both Mac and WinTel) in 12 weeks!

Shoot Video Like A Pro CD-ROM

Frederick Gault and his team to built the interactive CD-ROM Shoot Video Like A Pro for Zelos!, Inc. Shoot Video Like a Pro is a Hybrid CD (both Windows and the Mac) which shows the home vidcam owner how to create professional looking home video. The product was delivered on time and under budget.

Spectral Analysis Software

Spectra Physics relied on Frederick Gault and his team to help build the control software for their flagship Liquid Chromatography Equipment. The software handles real-time data and graphs it for analysis.

DNA Sequencing Software

Licor relied on Frederick Gault to build the software for their DNA autosequencer. This is the same kind of machine seen in Jurasic Park to figure out Dinosaur DNA sequences. The equipment sent real time data to our software which proceeded to automatically sequence the DNA using a unique image analysis routine.

Frederick Gault & Associates