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Frederick P. Gault, Jr.


Experienced manager/technician fluent in Server-Side Technologies, Project Management, Java, XML, JSP, and Servlets, Cold Fusion and ASP, JavaScript, SQL Server Database, Microsoft Windows/NT Server Management, IIS, Visual Basic, Localization, as well as HTML. Communicates well with clients, peers and management.

Relevant Skills:

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1997 to Present
San Francisco, California


Frederick Gault & Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm that builds Software and Web Solutions.
Makers of Screen Saver Workbench

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San Francisco, California


Tactus was founded to take advantage of new tactile force-feedback joystick hardware. We were unable to obtain venture capital of $1.5 Million to launch operations.

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1988 - 1995
San Francisco, California

President /Consultant

I founded Canyon in 1988 with 2 partners to provide software services to desktop computer ISVs. The company came to gross sales of over $1 Million for 3 years in a row, hitting $1.2 Million at its peak. Under my direction Canyon produced (for clients) nearly 100 software products often under tight budgetary and deadline constraints.

As head of Canyon the "buck stopped" with me when it came to producing products for Fortune 500 companies such as:

Despite my many duties, I remained interested in sharing my experience and knowledge with the industry by co-authoring a book (HOW TO DIGITIZE VIDEO by John Wiley & Sons, New York - with a companion CD-ROM), and contributing numerous articles to trade journals (including PC Magazine, Ziff Davis) as well as speaking at conferences (such as PC Expo in New York City).

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1983 - 1988
San Francisco, California

President /Consultant

I founded FPG Software in 1983 to consult with large clients about data processing issues. I worked closely with the client executives, typically the Chief Information Officer, about staffing technical projects, network opportunities, system design, security, mainframe capacity planning, and many other related issues. This was a highly technical effort and I would often "roll up my sleeves" and help design and code specific systems. These systems were "mission critical" such as credit card processing at a bank (Wells Fargo Bank) where design, efficiency, security and correct results were very important.

A partial list of clients follows:

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1980 - 1983
San Francisco, California

Director Product Maintenance

I was hired into Oxford Software when the company was very small (5 employees). I was working with the programmers to help design and code (in IBM 360 Assembler Language) a so-called 4th generation programming language called UFO (User Files Online). The product, which sold for about $30,000, enjoyed great success eventually selling thousands of units worldwide.

As Oxford grew, support became a problem and I was asked to build the support team and respond to customer reports of product flaws. I designed a procedure within the company to track and fix problems as well as supply product updates to the customers and field. I hired and managed the support team of 5 people and responded to teletype inquiries from all over the world. I was honored with an award by the company for providing bullet-proof product updates.

1979 - 1980
San Mateo, California

Customer Engineer

I was hired by Software Design, Inc. because I was familiar with their entire IBM mainframe product line. I went into the field and trained customers, installed software, and did general troubleshooting over the entire western United States.

1977 - 1979
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Systems Programmer

I joined Total Business Systems as an apprentice to the Systems Programmer. My job was to manage the IBM 360 Mainframe used by hundreds of people. This involved software updates from IBM and third parties. I had to have general knowledge of the entire system and environment and solve problems under pressure. The business could not afford to have the system down and it was my job to keep the system available and secure 100% of the time.